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My Green Life

My Green Life

My Green Life is our flagship public site where we directly engage the public to live sustainably. Here we are using our own tools and content to inspire, inform and build a community of visitors who want to reduce their ecological footprint, and having fun doing it.  This is the ideal site for anyone interested in exploring and being inspired to go green...

In addition, My Green Life is our lab where we first deploy, test and refine our new functionality, content and product features. On this site you can see all of the features, content and software we offer clients and what we're in the midst of developing.

Some of the unique feature of this site are

  • Articles exploring sustainability topics ranging from climate change , evironmental toxins, through to speculating on the global changes required to put human society on a  sustainable path.
  • Events on sustainability from around Australia covering all the action areas (House, Garden, food & drink, etc...)
  • A Monthly newsletter,
  • and much more...