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Sustainable Business - Engaging Staff

Building an environmentally and economically sustainable business, is an opportunity for your organisation to grow and excel.

With the onset of climate change, water shortages and the general recognition of the limits of nature, companies have to adapt to a business environment of increasing energy and water costs and more limited availability of natural resources that it has, to date, taken for granted.

As with any change, building an environmentally and economically sustainable business, is an opportunity for your organisation to grow and excel.

Many companies are starting out on this journey and we are happy to highlight some that are using the Sustainable Living Guide to help them on their way…

Many Companies license the Sustainable Living Guide to help them solve the following challenges they face…

1. They need to engage and prepare their staff for a sustainable future

Companies are increasingly finding themselves on the leading edge of the following issues:

  • Climate Change,
  • Emissions Trading,
  • Investment in renewable energy generation facilities,
  • changes to their business model, and
  • public perceptions and concerns about environmental performance

As a result, they need all their staff to be increasingly educated, aware and engaged in these issues and to highlight the progress it is making in responding to them.

By embedding their environmental targets and achievements into the body of the Sustainable Living Guide we are able to communicate your companies' achievements while staff explore their own sustainability interests.

2. They need to engage, align with and retain their staff

Over the past couple of years, public concern about climate change has entered the mainstream. In addition, younger workers are striving to live integrated and balanced lifestyle where the companies they work for are as important to their identity as the slogans on their t-shirts. At most companies, they recognised that making a public commitment / statement about the organisation’s commitment to sustainability could be a decisive factor for staff and potential staff as they determine where they want to work.

By blending sustainability actions that their staff can do both at home and at work in the Sustainable Living Guide we aligned with and supported staff concern and possible responses to climate change.

3. They need to continue to focus staff energy and enthusiasm on creating a sustainable culture, brands and business at your company

- Given the broad and pervasive nature of the shift to sustainability, it requires that all staff are engaged and supported in the change.

Facilitation of green teams, provision of specialist information and highlighting examples of progress in other organisations all serve to build momentum and cohesion around the change.

By publically communicating the value that sustainable pursuits have to #company#, the Sustainable Living Guide encourages and empowers staff to pursue sustainable objectives within their areas of responsibility.

Government is increasingly looking to step-up its support of our efforts to reduce water consumption and lower our greenhouse gas emissions. Integral to that support are the rebates and schemes being offered to assist in the affordable take up of energy generation, water and energy efficiency products and services. These rebates and schemes are designed to make pro-environmental investments in your home or gardens economically attractive.

Is your company effectively informing and supporting your staff about available rebates and schemes designed to financially support their shift to a sustainable life?

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