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Rebates and the Rate of Change

Government is increasingly looking to step-up its support of our efforts to reduce water consumption and lower our greenhouse gas emissions.

Integral to that support are the rebates and schemes being offered to assist in the affordable take up of energy generation, water and energy efficiency products and services. These rebates and schemes are designed to make pro-environmental investments in our home or gardens economically attractive.

Is your company effectively informing and supporting your staff about available rebates and schemes designed to financially support their shift to a sustainable life?

Increase the rate of change in your local community

By communicating and educating your staff about the actions they can take to reduce their impact on the environment and highlighting those actions that are supported by rebates you can accelerate the rate of change in your community or organisation.

Sustainable Blue Mountains

A recent conversation with Blue Mountains City Council revealed that their community engagement and communications around Sustainability (including the Sustainable Living Guide) has resulted in the ”Blue Mountains having the highest uptake of the NSW DECC rebates per capita of any LGA in NSW.”  (Jenny Guice, Sustainability Coordinator, Blue Mountains City Council)

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