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Sustainable Communities Portal

Sustainable Communities Portal The Sustainable Communities Portal is a web based content and software product designed to encourage and facilitate people to save money while reducing their impact on the environment. The Sustainable Communities Portal builds on the content offered in the Sustainable Living Guide.

The Sustainable Communities Portal helps local government and business provide leadership and support for action to reduce climate change and move us toward sustainability.


The Sustainable Communities Portal includes the following features and functionality:

  • User registration, login and profiles (including SSL Certificate infrastructure),
  • Create, publish and view user profiles
  • User ability to select and store Sustainable Living Guide actions to their profile and view the reduction these actions have on their carbon footprint
  • Auto-reminder email for user’s selected actions.
  • Events Calendar
  • Social Media hooks and interaction
  • Post comments
  • Q&A functionality (AJAX based)
  • Search functionality
  • J-query animated banners and sliders
  • Dynamic tally of carbon footprint reductions based on user inputs
  • Administration tools, statistical reports and Google analytics
  • Hosting with Amazon Web Services