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Sustainable Living Guide

Sustainable Living Guide The Sustainable Living Guide is a web based content and software product designed to encourage and facilitate people looking to reduce their impact on our environment. The Sustainable Living Guide builds sustainable communities.

The Sustainable Living Guide helps local government and business provide leadership and support for action to reduce climate change and move us toward sustainability. Below are three different examples of how our clients use the Sustainable Living Guide.

Councils who engage their communities.

Councils use the Sustainable Living Guide to directly engage with, support and provide leadership to their communities on how we can all help address climate change, manage communal resources and live more sustainably. read more »

Case Studies: City of Holdfast Bay

Organisations who engage their staff.

Business is increasingly accountable for their impact on the environment and are being looked to for leadership and support from their employees. Recent research has also shown that employees look for a company that is aligned with their own values and that a higher level of engagement has positive impacts on productivity and employee retention. read more »

Case Studies: AGL

Organisations who engage customers and stakeholders.

As environmental awareness and climate change concerns continue to rise in profile, it becomes increasingly important for businesses to communicate their environmental initiatives and behaviour to customers, and to act as leaders in the realm of behaviour change. A forward thinking approach in this arena is becoming less a way for a business to differentiate themselves from their competition, and more a pre-requisite for business practices. read more »

Case Studies: mecu

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